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Air Conditioning Filter-the Essential Part Of Heating And Cooling

The air conditioning filters are one of the most crucial parts of an air conditioning system. Without these filters, the air that you breathe would be filled with dust and other pollutants. All air conditioning parts from the conditioning refrigerant to the ductwork, need the air conditioning filters to be cleaned or replaced regularly to make sure that you are getting the very best from your air conditioning system.

If the air conditioner filters are left dirty, over time, it leads to a shorter lifespan and higher energy costs because all the parts of an air conditioning system rely on each other for proper functioning. One part primarily cannot work without the other. Overall, your heating or cooling system will not be effective, and you will eventually have to invest more maintenance or repair of your system.

An air conditioner filter should be replaced regularly after 2 or 3 months for home air conditioners and after a couple of weeks for industrial or commercial because they are running almost 24 hours per day. Doing this on a regular basis ensures that you and your family live their very best lives through a smooth running air conditioning system.

Because there a variety of air conditioner filters, how quickly each brand gets blocked easily depends on a number of factors. Most of these filters are sized one and a half to two square feet for each ton of capacity for a commercial or home property.

The most common type of filters are:

  1. Pleated fibreglass filters. They are generally used in most commercial and residential air conditioners. Being disposable, they have a coating which traps dust; therefore, you don’t have to clean the filters. Cleaning them may damage their ability to trap dirt by damaging their layer and the underlying meshwork. They are not as effective as other types of filters, even if they usually cost much lower.
  2. Electrostatic filter. Different in performance and design-because there are lots of varieties, it is very difficult to determine which type is the most efficient. They are usually advertised as allergy-free air conditioning filters. They come in 1” and 2” sizes. The air which moves through those filters create a static charge which then collects any dust that is in the filters. These type of filters require much more cleaning and power blowing.
  3. Electronic filters. They are usually wall-mounted and connected to a power source. Electronic cleaners come with a pre-filter which collects large particles, and they need to be cleaned say after every six months.
  4. Carbon filters. These types of filters contain carbon elements which regulate any odour problems that you may be having in your system. They also help in keeping off pests in your homes.
    When placing filters in your air conditioning system, Air Conditioning Installation should be done in the correct direction as indicated by the arrow that is located on the face of the filter. Air flows in the direction indicated by the arrows.